Axure template UPD: Landing v2.0

A few days ago we presented a new version of the template’s Landing for Axure. 

It was a big step towards improving this template. Here is the list of modifications:

– improved width page formats, now it is more extensive, according to the trends of increasing resolution monitors 

– updated all previously created modules 

– added module “Company facts ” 

– added module “Features” for mobile applications 

– added another module “Features” for mobile applications 

– added module “Benefits” 

– added module “Our partners” 

– added module “Reviews” 

– added module “From the blog” 

– added module “Features” for web interfaces 

– added module “Team”- added module “Our skills” 

– added 2 module “Pricing plans” 

– added module “Objects” map 

 – added module “Certificates and awards” 

– added module “Contacts” 

Now in this template, 24 unique modules that will help you create a great landing, and not only.

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