Hello friends

Today I want to tell you about our last updates. First of all – were going to make all our web products with Bootstrap 3 Grid rules. There will be classic 960 pixels and I think it will help you to create more smart prototypes. This new grid will be implemented in a few steps, now there are 4 products with this feature.

Second changes it is Axure Widget libraries for some Axure Templates. What does it mean: we made Widget library files for some of our Templates, and now you can work with them even faster.

For now already 4 Axure templates have Axure widget library root file: Basic elements (free), Dashboard Lite (free), Advanced elements and Dashboard. All these products already updated to the Bootstrap 3 Grid.

So now, please check new products, try to work with old templates like with widget libraries. And share you opinion, is that help you. is that make your work more faster?