Hello everyone!

Today I want to tell you about new product: These is something really new in the Axure templates and Axure widget libraries. This is one of the first products which was created because of customers requests. So here it is! 🙂

Below you can read more about this product.

Forms Axure template will be very useful for every designer who often have a deal with creating a forms, for a contact, comment, feedback, checkout. In this product you will find all forms what you need. Also there is Axure template and Axure widget library root files, so your work with Forms will be very easy.

Bootstrap 3 Grid

For Landing template we used Bootstrap grid system – 960 pixels. All we know that this grid is one of the most popular and trendy grid. Now our products will have this grid too. We believe that this will help you to create prototype which will be more comfortably into next development steps of your project.

Forms for every day

Forms does not contains widget which you will never use. All of the forms made for everyday using. Contact form, Login, Checkout, Comment and others – all they will really help you in your daily work. Just look at the demo and make sure that this Axure Template / Axure widget library will be helpful for you.

Easy to customize

Almost all forms made in the specific way: they looks and work like a pop-ups. But you can just remove Close icon and make few changes in interactions and you will get static form for a page. Also, every element in this Axure Template / Axure widget library made a such way that you can easy rebuild it for whole 960 resolution, or made form more slim.

Unique forms

Beside often use forms there are unique forms for a different not usual but important cases. For example – Job application, Bug tracker, Event invitation forms. Of course you don’t have to use them every day, but when became a day when you will need one of these unique forms – you will know where to get it.

Thats all what we wanted to tell you about new Axure template – Forms.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends, maybe that is can be interesting for them.