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User Characters&Needs

Compatible to Axure v9, 8, 7.5

Understanding who our users are and their wishes, needs, and aspirations can be more useful than a handy widgets library or a functional template. After all, this knowledge enables us to make a product truly convenient. I used this free template myself to ensure its efficiency. Try it for your next project.

User Characters

These help us understand who our users are, what they look at, and what they do. This enables us to imagine them.

Creating a table of user needs is an important stage in any project. Understanding the users’ needs, challenges, and solutions is extremely necessary if we want to meet all their needs. If they don’t find what they need on our site, they will leave.

Table of user needs

This is an important stage of work. Understanding of the needs, challenges and solutions is extremely necessary that we were able to meet all the needs of users. After all, if they will not find on our site of what they need – they will go away.

Solutions list

This is a list of functions we need to do when developing a website so users are satisfied. The items on the list stem from the list of needs we did previously.

Site map

At this stage, we need to set pages for those or other functions. You will not always have a clear understanding of how to make it. But it’s not all bad. The main thing during site creation is not to miss anything from the list of solutions.