This is the first Axure Store template for the iOS app. The Store app contains pre-made screens that can be used in apps created to sell items. It was designed for the iPhone 6. If you have an iPhone 6, you can get this app for your phone by following the instructions below.


This is one of the most awesome things here because it work almost like a regular App. You can check all screens, behavior scenarios, and user cases, right on your iPhone.

Ready to work

The Store app is ready to work right now. If you have an idea for an app to sell or buy stuff, you need this template. All the base modules work, and the product card, cart, checkout, and profile screens were designed to save time.


The Store app is a pre-made, working template. It was designed to allow you to easily change and customize it. All dynamic connections and architecture are easy to understand.


To add this prototype to your iPhone 6, follow these steps:

Step 1

Copy this link: and open it on your device in the Safari (required)

Step 2

Press the Options button located in the center of the bottom navigation and select “Add to Home Screen.” You will see a preview of the home screen icon and will be asked to select a name. Click “Add,” and you can launch your app prototype from the home screen.

Step 3

Open the Store app and test it!