Ionic 4 Axure Widget Library

Compatible to Axure v9, 8, 7.5

Meet Ionic Framework for Axure. With this product, all your prototypes for Ionic will become much faster and effective. This Axure widget library includes all official Ionic elements in 4 themes: iOS Light, iOS Dark, Android Light and Android Dark, – all that you need in one product.

More than 152 unique elements

We wanted to make the ultimate solution for all cases of building a mobile Axure prototype when you need charts or tables. We prepared all possible types of charts and tables, and made them fully customizable – all to save your time and efforts.

Module structure

All our widgets were made as separate modules, so you can easily combine each od them to create your own structure. It also means that you can use this product for all possible phone OS, iOS or Android our modules will fit for both.

Styles usage

In this Axure widget library, we used styles for most of the elements. So now, the process of customization can be even more simple. Change color, shapes, and styles in just a few clicks.