Clothing Store

Compatible to Axure v9, 8, 7.5

This template is the most convenient and functional template for online clothing stores on Axure. It includes a number of functions that you cannot find anywhere else, such as a catalog with filters, product cards, a shopping cart, checkout, and offline shops. Make sure you check out this template in the demo mode.






dynamic panels



Responsive design

Using the new features in Axure, we created three resolutions for the template:
– 1140, which is wide enough for products, filters, and other content;
– 768, which is used for tablets and retains all the features from the desktop version;
– 320, which is used for mobile devices. Please note that almost all features are available in this resolution. It is not just for decoration – it is a fully functional version.

Don’t forget to test this function in demo mode by setting the browser window to the desired size.


The Clothing Store template contains many popular catalog functions and solutions used in clothing stores, including the following:
– Filter by category, color, size, collection, price, and availability;
– Sort products.It all works dynamically!

You don’t need to explain how it works to your clients – they will easily understand and appreciate your prototype. Remember that in the demo mode, you can check the entire site yourself.

The shopping cart and checkout

The shopping cart and checkout pages are probably some of the most important pages in an online shop, so we devoted a lot of time to designing them. The recycle bin includes a preview view from the site header, functions used to edit baskets, and discount coupons. Order are broken down into three steps, and users can easily enter their information and choose delivery and payment methods.

Additional features

In addition to all the above features, the Clothing Store template includes many other useful functions, including:
– Subscription module;
– Store map;
– Promotions;
– Looks;
– Mega-menu in the header;
– Size chart;
– Vacancies.
You can see all these functions in the demo mode, absolutely free.