The Media prototype will help you develop functions necessary to create news websites, company blogs, personal blogs, etc.

Responsive Design

All the pages and masters in this template are created in three resolutions: 990 pixels, 768 pixels, and 320 pixels. With help from the updated Axure 7, it is much easier to create and change adaptive versions of these pages.

An amazing module of comments

The comment module can be used on any page. The alternate scripts make this module as realistic as possible.

Scrolling up

This is a small but extremely necessary function for all “long” pages. What is better than returning to the top of a page with one click?

Advertising page

This template contains a unique page that includes prices for ordering advertisements on the website. This page is important because it helps you monetize the website.

Use Cases

The template includes alternate scripts for users’ interactions with the interface. This template includes both successful and unsuccessful scripts.