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Material Lite

Compatible to Axure v9, 8, 7.5

Material Axure Widget Library Lite it is free version of most large and useful Axure good for Material Apps prototyping at this time. It contains 14 categories and 28 unique screens. Download it for Free and don’t forget to check Full version.

14 categories

28 screens

Save up to 3h

14 categories and 28 unique pre-made widgets

Material is the most full and massive product in Google Material Design Guidelines, for Axure RP prototypes. It contains tons of great elements which will save your time and money.

Easy to use – you don’t need to be guru to use it

You don’t need to be an Axure guru to use Material, all elements are made with basic Axure Widgets, so you can easily play with them as you want to.

Stick to guides – create your apps prototypes in a right way

You can be sure that all elements was made with Google Material Design Guides. All needed elements in your Widget Library Panel – just drag & drop them.

Fully customizable – change any element if you wish

That’s right, this is not just pretty images, you can easily change sizes, colors and other details of Material widgets and screens.

Axure RP 7.5 and 8+ compatible

No matter if you still use v7.5 or already work with v8+ – Material is what you need. We have prepared a product for both Axure’s versions, so you can use them without any problems.