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Bootstrap widget library

Compatible to Axure v9, 8, 7.5

The Axure Bootstrap widget library is the best Bootstrap widget library for Axure – and it is FREE!


grid system



Rules allow you to create prototypes like never before. All the widgets in the Bootstrap library were created based on official Bootstrap elements. They look the same, and they work almost the same. Make sure you test them in the demo mode.


Clear dynamics, simple architecture for each element, NO sliced images, and NO hard-to-understand dynamics. Everything looks great and works great. You can easily customize each element. Each dynamic fully complies with Bootstrap standards.


Our team started to create this library a few month ago, and it is now our best library. We worked hard to make your daily tasks more easy, and help you create more dynamic and understandable prototypes. Please use the share button below this text to spread the word to your friends. Thank you!