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Today I would like to share with you another trick. I think that many of you have encountered such a function in Axure as Pin to browser. It is often used for mounting Header at the top of the browser window. But did you have the desire to consolidate not all Header (it is often thick) but only menu? I have used very often. Axure can help!

For a start, you can see how it works: http://10zqqz.axshare.com 

To create the same effect in Axure you should:
1. To create a Header
2. To copy one piece of Header that you want to display (menu) in a separate panel and make it hidden
3. Make a Header dynamic panel and Pin browser to this panel
4. Make variables Page Interactions, OnWindowScroll
And that’s all. It remains to check the prototype, calibrate high, and you get a great Header!

The file with prepared Header you can find here 

Thank you for your attention, don’t forget to shares article!