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Hi friends.

Today I have for you a new trick which I recently discovered in Axure.
About a month ago I ran into a problem – the prototype I made in the 3 resolutions. But, generated prototype didn’t want to change resolutions when you select in the prototype control panel. The link has changed, but the resolution remained the same. But when you minimize the browser window – resolution has changed. It was difficult for me and my clients, as adaptive version had to be viewed in a minimized browser window. You had this problem? If Yes, then I have a solution!
The fact that Axure can’t change the resolution through the control panel, if the URL is not an English word. I’m from Ukraine and some prototypes created not in English. This caused difficulties. Renaming the pages on the English I solved the problem. And that’s all.

Hopefully this post will be useful for you, and your prototypes will be even better. Don’t forget to comment and shares article if you liked it