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Hello to everyone.

Sometimes I find on the web widgets allowing you to take a new look at familiar things. It is about the practice of creating such widgets I want to tell you in this post.

So, today I’ll show you a form to fill in data in an unusual format. This form may be used by you in designing for Axure as the registration form, the submission or something else. I like it a lot and I will try to apply it on a project where customers will be open to the new and non-standard solutions. Also I will add this form to the new version of my Axure widget library.

The link to the form: 46ag78.axshare.com

As you can see, the dynamics is not perfect, but I did it specifically so that everyone could easily be customized to fit your need. The source file of the form you can find here.

Thank you for your attention, hope you enjoy this form. And don’t forget to comment and share this post with your friends 🙂