The Axure Forms template is very useful for designers who often have to create contact, comment, feedback, and checkout forms. In this product, you will find all the forms you need. The product also includes Axure template and widget library root files, so working with forms will be very easy.

Now you can work with Axemplate templates just like you can work with widget libraries! We duplicated all the widgets to make working with them even easier. From now on, you can buy an Axure template and get the same Axure widget library, or you can buy an Axure widget library and get the Axure Template.

Bootstrap 3 Grid

For the Dashboard template, we used the Bootstrap grid system, which uses 960 pixels and is one of the most popular and trendy grids. We believe this will help you create prototypes that comfortably mesh with the next development steps in your project.

Forms for every day

The Forms template and library do not contain widgets you will never use. All the forms included are designed for everyday use. The contact, login, checkout, and comment forms will all help with your daily work. Take a look at the demo to see if this Axure template/widget library will be helpful to you.

Easy to customize

Almost all forms are made to look and work like pop-ups. However, you can remove the “Close” icon and make few changes to interactions to get a static form. In addition, every element in this Axure template/widget library is designed in such a way that you can easily rebuild it for 960-pixel resolution or make a form slimmer.

Unique forms

In addition to often-used forms, the product includes forms for other uncommon but important cases, such as job applications, bug trackers, and event invitations. You might not use them every day, but when the day comes when you need one of these unique forms, you will know where to get it.