Hello everyone!
Today I want to tell you about new product: These is something really new in the Axure templates and Axure widget libraries. This is one of the first products which was created because of customers requests. So here it is! 🙂

Below you can read more about this product.

New Store Axure Template / Axure widget library made for designers who know that e-commerce web sites it is one of the most trendy direction in design now. In that product you will find huge numbers of elements which will make your work on any E-commerce projects faster and more effective. Store Axure Template / Axure widget library contain .rp and .rplib root files, so you will not have any problems to implement it to your work.

Bootstrap 3 Grid

For Forms template we used Bootstrap grid system – 960 pixels. All we know that this grid is one of the most popular and trendy grid. Now our products will have this grid too. We believe that this will help you to create prototype which will be more comfortably into next development steps of your project.

Product & Checkout

This is the heart of every Store – Product cards and Checkout forms. Inside this product you will find 8 different product cards, 3 different Checkout forms and 4 Product Card pages. Each one of these element ready for customize and you can be sure that these product will help you in your next e-commerce project.

Easy to customize

Almost every element in this Axure Template / Axure widget library made a such way that you can easy rebuild it for whole 960 resolution. And you can create almost whole prototype for Store with these product. All what you need it is combine elements in a your way.

Promo & Navigation

Beside product and checkout elements there a a lot of elements which really needed in every e-commerce project. Without promo blocks and good navigation your prototype will not looks good. Store Axure Template / Axure widget library contain a lot of great elements for promo and navigation, check these out in the free Demo.

Thats all what we wanted to tell you about new Axure template – Store.

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