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Axure RP is my go-to tool for creating (interactive) prototypes and wireframes for my projects. On April 15 2016, the latest version 8 was officially launched.

After working with the app for a couple of weeks here are my top 3 picks (and a surprising bonus) that dramatially improved my life as Experience Designer:

1. Interactive Groups

That one’s big: groups can have interactions as well, either a link or more complex interactions are possible. Simply group the elements and then select the desired behaviour in the properties panel.

2. Snapshots

Similar to an iframe widget, the snapshot widget pulls in existing content into a page. The source page is rendered as an image. I use it if I want to create a slightly different version of a page but don’t want to use masters (or copy&paste). We recently used it in a project with hundreds of mobile checkout screens.

3. Team projects on Axure Share

Finally I don’t have to ask IT for SVN server directories that I can use. “SVN is outdated… What are you doing with that?! And what the hell is Axure?!” (Source: IT guy in every company I worked so far)

In version 8, team projects can be opened really easy on (either SVN or) Axure Share. All you need is an account:

Bonus: Axure Share automatically publishes prototypes

It’s a good thing to store prototypes in the cloud, not just on your machine. I use Axure Share also for projects where I’m the only one using Axure. I have a constant backup and can access the prototype from home or when I’m not on my office computer.

When you use team projects that are stored on Axure Share, every checkin automatically publishes the prototype for you. No more manual — and separate — publish via Axure RP is necessary. What a timesaver!

We hope that this article will help to improve your Axure skills. Also we want to thanks Author of original post – Bjorn Amherd.
Original post you can find here: https://medium.com/@amherd/the-3-best-new-features-in-axure-rp-582699f7f6aa#.rat7quv0q