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Hello to everyone. In this post I want to share with you a small, but very useful Axure RP 7 feature.

So, from the name you have already understood what it will be about. The properties of a dynamic action Show. Namely the list of the More options, which contains the following options:

You may already know about this hack, but I’m sure that for some it will be useful

None (default)

In this case the dynamic panel becomes visible, and all.

Bring to front

When this option is selected widget under some items when the show is over all other page elements. By choosing this option you will be able to be calm, dynamic panel is closed for anything else.

Treat as lightbox

Selecting this option panel will open as a modal window, displaying over any other content stub, the color of which you can choose.

It will be look like:

This is a very useful function, gives the prototype even more realistic and understandable.

Treat as flyout

And this feature is ideal for creating mega-menu panel. If you set the widget of this feature, it will be displayed while the mouse cursor will not be led away beyond, all links and buttons on the panel will work.

To test this option you can on my template E-commerce

Push widgets

This option works like this: when displaying your widget will move all the elements which are under him down. This function can be used as work accordion panel, or for other purposes.

That is all I wanted to tell about Show options. Hopefully this post will be useful for you, and your prototypes will be even better.

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