This is the first Store Axure template for iOS App. Store App contains already made screens for App which was created for selling items. It was made for iPhone 6 resolution. And if you have an iPhone 6 device you can even get this App to your phone, just follow the instructions below.


This is one of the most awesome thing here, it work almost like usual App. You can check all screens, all behavior scenarios and user cases. Right on you iPhone.


Store App it is already made, working template. But it was made that way to give you possibility easy change aтв customize it. All dynamic, connections and architecture is clear to understanding.

Ready to work

Store App is ready to work right now. If you have an idea of App which have to give possibility sell or buy stuff – you need this template. All base modules already work, Product cards, Cart, Checkout, Profile… All these screens made to save your time.